Problem Statement

Dataset Description

The datasets consists of several medical predictor variables and one target variable (Outcome). Predictor variables includes the number of pregnancies the patient has had, their BMI, insulin level, age, and more.

You can find the data set :

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DESCRIPTION: Mike Goodman, the head of Product Management of a retail products company, is responsible for determining which products his company should continue to offer for sale and which products should be discontinued from the company’s product catalog.

Objective:To build a dashboard that will present monthly sales performance by product segment and product category to help clients identifying the segments and categories that have met or exceeded their sales targets, as well as those that have not met their sales targets.

Domain: Ecommerce:

* Sample -Superstore which covers Orders data from 2014–2017;

Within this file you will find the following…


Background and Objective:

A nationwide survey of hospital costs conducted by the US Agency for Healthcare consists of hospital records of inpatient samples. The given data is restricted to the city of Wisconsin and relates to patients in the age group 0–17 years. The agency wants to analyze the data to research on healthcare costs and their utilization.

Domain: Healthcare

Dataset Description:

Here is a detailed description of the given dataset:

AttributeDescriptionAge Age of the patient dischargedFemale A binary variable that indicates if the patient is femaleLosLength of stay in daysRace

Race of the patient (specified numerically)

TotchgHospital discharge…

DESCRIPTION : Reduce the time a Mercedes-Benz spends on the test bench.

Problem Statement Scenario:
Since the first automobile, the Benz Patent Motor Car in 1886, Mercedes-Benz has stood for important automotive innovations. These include the passenger safety cell with a crumple zone, the airbag, and intelligent assistance systems. Mercedes-Benz applies for nearly 2000 patents per year, making the brand the European leader among premium carmakers. Mercedes-Benz is the leader in the premium car industry. With a huge selection of features and options, customers can choose the customized Mercedes-Benz of their dreams.

To ensure the safety and reliability of every…

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Background Problem Statement :The Group-Lens Research Project is a research group in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Members of the Group-Lens Research Project are involved in many research projects related to the fields of information filtering, collaborative filtering, and recommender systems. The project is led by professors John Riedl and Joseph Konstan. The project began to explore automated collaborative filtering in 1992 but is most well known for its worldwide trial of an automated collaborative filtering system for Usenet news in 1996. …

Neurons are cells within the nervous system that transmit information to other nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells

So, here’s our neuron, also sometimes called the node.
The neuron gets some input signals. And it has an output signal.
So dendrites and axons? But again, we’re gonna call these synopses.
These input signals, we’re going to represent them with
other neurons as well.

A neuron (or neuron) is a nerve cell that carries electrical impulses. Neurons are the basic units of our nervous system. Neurons have a cell body (soma or cyton), dendrites and an axon.

A body, and a lot of different tails, kind of branches coming out of them. And this is very interesting but the question of how can we recreate that in a machine?

Because we really need to recreate that in a machine since the whole purpose of Deep Learning is to mimic how the human brain works. Well because the human brain is, well just happens to…

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